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WhoNew Audio Samples

Click on the audio files below to hear samples of our WhoNew sound:

Autumn Leaves (mp3 file 1 MB)

Besame Mucho (mp3 file 475 KB)

The Days of Wine and Roses (mp3 file 752 KB)

Don’t Be on the Outside (mp3 file 1 MB)

Have You Met Miss Jones? (mp3 file 966 KB)

Joy Spring (mp3 file 955 KB)

Let’s Fall in Love (mp3 file 614 KB)

Lover Man (mp3 file 955 KB)

On Green Dolphin Street (mp3 file 1 MB)

Quiet Nights (mp3 file 1 MB)

HomerA01 (mp3 file 30 MB)

HomerA02 (mp3 file 30 MB)

HomerB01 (mp3 file 45 MB)

HomerB02 (mp3 file 46 MB)

HomerC01 (mp3 file 33 MB)

HomerC02 (mp3 file 38 MB)

HomerD01 (mp3 file 44 MB)

HomerD02 (mp3 file 45 MB)

HomerE01 (mp3 file 44 MB)

He Leadeth Me (mp3 file 2 MB)

How Shall The Young Secure Their Hearts (mp3 file 2 MB)

I'll Fly Away (mp3 file 2 MB)

Lord We Come Before Thee Now (mp3 file 2 MB)

My Eyes Are Dry (mp3 file 2 MB)

No Tears In Heaven (mp3 file 2 MB)

Now The Day Is Over (mp3 file 2 MB)

Our God He Is Alive (mp3 file 2 MB)

The Old Rugged Cross (mp3 file 2 MB)

There Is A Fountain (mp3 file 2 MB)

Why Did My Savior Come To Earth (mp3 file 2 MB)

Evergreen Recital-Introduction (mp3 file 4 MB)

Evergreen Recital-Sonata in F Major-Adagio (mp3 file 2 MB)

Evergreen Recital-Sonata in F Major-Allegro (mp3 file 2 MB)

Evergreen Recital-Brother is late (mp3 file 1 MB)

Evergreen Recital-Reverie (mp3 file 4 MB)

Evergreen Recital-Danza Espanola No.5 (mp3 file 4 MB)

Evergreen Recital-Playera (mp3 file 4 MB)

Evergreen Recital-Satin Doll (mp3 file 4 MB)

Evergreen Recital-Black Orpheus (mp3 file 4 MB)

Evergreen Recital-Autumn Leaves (mp3 file 4 MB)

Maydelle memoir 001 (mp3 file 3 MB)

Maydelle memoir 002 (mp3 file 1 MB)

Maydelle memoir 003 (mp3 file 7 MB)

Maydelle memoir 004 (mp3 file 14 MB)

Maydelle memoir 005 2017-11-23 (mp3 file 48 MB)

Maydelle memoir 006 (mp3 file 50 MB)

Maydelle memoir 007 (mp3 file 10 MB)

Maydelle memoir 008 2021-03-17 (mp3 file 9 MB)

Maydelle memoir 009 2021-03-17 (mp3 file 12 MB)

Maydelle memoir 010 2021-03-17 (mp3 file 43 MB)

Maydelle memoir 011 2021-05-08 (mp3 file 49 MB)